In winter of 2020 I suffered respiratory malady and was concerned about the directives and medical plan of the local general practitioners. Barbara was there for me and helped to evaluate my symptoms and made suggestions as to the proper therapy. True to her directives when I discontinued the “PPI” (Prevacid) and was admitted to the University Hospital in Morgantown I was treated with two blood transfusions and eventually a series of Iron Infusions. I am grateful for her care as I was literally on the verge of demise. ​

Barbara is a knowledgeable, and compassionate care provider. She took the time to thoroughly review my health history and did her homework on my medical issue. She listened to my concerns. Her nutritional and care suggestions were spot on and helped me recover quickly and completely.

I received NADA treatment from Barbara while I was a resident at Jacob's Ladder. The results were undeniable. I experienced a sense of peace and lightness after every treatment. I would definitely recommend this to others.

My first appointment with Barbara was to seek life advice as a healthcare professional in rural Appalachia. I walked away much wiser and very eager for the rich potential in this area, I also walked away with greater personal peace and an appointment for a NADA treatment to help relieve old emotional wounds and dependence issues. After two treatments, I felt renewed and reset and better equipped to continue down the path I was on.

Barbara Weaner was a refreshing break from a common healthcare industry experience that often leaves me questioning if I am getting thorough and proper care and appropriately charged. She is kind, listens to the scoop, comprehensive, and no-nonsense. I trust her experience and appreciate the options offered for alternative methods that your average doctor wouldn't feel comfortable suggesting. A great way to filter noise and research that you may not know how to distill into a health plan that will work for you.

After my first colonoscopy at age 69, I was trying to decide whether or not to have surgery for a non-cancerous adenoma that was found. Barbara Weaner, ND, practicing in West Virginia, helped me to make that decision. She not only suggested a specialist for a second opinion, but after that opinion, helped me understand that the location of the adenoma at the ileo-cecal valve where the small intestine empties into the large intestine was of crucial importance. Continued growth of the mass could lead to bowel obstruction. Weaner is a very kind and compassionate Naturopathic practitioner who takes her time to explain one's options and answer all questions. She is familiar with both Eastern and Western integrative therapeutics, as well as herbal and nutritional approaches to healing.

My kids and I have had nothing but great experiences with Barbara. She has amazing patience and is very knowledgeable. What I am most impressed with, is her knowledge in conventional medicine and natural healing methods mixed together. That's exactly what I've looked for for years, and I'm thankful she is in our area.

Barbara is a woman who truly CARES for your health. A kind, warm, compassionate, nurturing, wealth of knowledge! To me, she has been a reassuring phone call during "wait for baby late in term" woes, a bibliography for stress management and meditation, a resource for diet, nutrition, mental health recommendations and everything in between. I have been very appreciative of her work towards NADA accessibility in our state. She is very well connected in both the medical and alternative medicine communities here in West Virginia. I am very grateful to have Barbara and her family in my life.

I've known Barbara for over 25 years, as I was seen by her as a patient when she was a family nurse practitioner at the Saint George Clinic. I got very good care. She is kind, efficient, and experienced. As a rural health researcher and a member of a family who lives mostly in rural West Virginia, I am familiar with the challenges faced by rural people, in particular rural women, in navigating health care and making health care decisions. Barbara has helped me understand some of those complexities, more recently, in her work as a patient advocate. I would recommend her to others in rural West Virginia or the surrounding PA, MD, VA area who require the services she provides.​

I have been seeing Barbara Weaner for migraine headaches and general health and wellness. Barbara is knowledgeable, kind, and caring, and I was so impressed at how much she researched my condition and used this knowledge to treat and educate me. I feel that the ear acupuncture was beneficial and her holistic approach helps with stress and anxiety. Barbara is a great asset to our community and I would recommend her services to anyone.

I would love to say how grateful I am for the services and NADA acupuncture I have been receiving from Barbara Weaner. I cannot say enough. I've been through a lot, and pain has been one of my sidekicks as well as addiction. I am amazed at the results. I have felt a change and a shift.I cannot recommend her enough. The treatment, right after, I have never felt so relaxed. It is when I missed a couple I truly noticed the difference.I am a firm believer and a witness to her work.

Barb is such a valued member of our Jacob's Ladder at Brookside Farm family. She instituted and oversees the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Acudetox services for our program. Her medical skill, knowledge, and professionalism consistently improve the lives of our residents. Her compassion, dedication, and healing spirit are unmistakable during her interactions. Her holistic view of health and wellness combined with her medical thoroughness makes her an excellent practitioner.

Barbara was my guide during my pregnancy many years ago and again more recently in the last year of my brother’s life. She provided wise counsel to me while I tried to assist him; counsel based on her long experience in healthcare coupled with her deep compassion and clarity about both the human condition and our medical system. I received solid advice that helped me advocate for my brother during his lengthy illness and hospital stay. She also helped me prepare for talking with him about the end of life, and ultimately to prepare myself for his death. Our sessions offered both comfort and direction in a very difficult time. It was a gift to be able to turn to Barbara’s wisdom and care when I was unsure of how to go on.

I have found her to be very competent, knowledgeable, conscientious, honest, and caring with all my health issues. She follows through, will find answers and make referrals when appropriate. Her advice and direction for me has been stellar. She explains things clearly and the reasons behind it. I already said caring, and I will say that again. Very caring, which for me is important. I would highly recommend her for your healthcare provider!

I have numerous genetic risks for several cancers. I’m fairly healthy and active but my health screenings for the cancer risks are complex and stressful. Barbara looked at my medications and supplements and suggested a commercially prepared mixture of mushrooms which have been shown to suppress tumor growth and support the immune system. My tumor marker for liver cancer has been abnormal for years and prompts MRIs and other screenings. Since starting the Stamets 7mushroom supplement, my marker has dropped from an abnormal 12.5 to a very normal 4.1. She provided me with the studies to educate me about the use of the supplement. I am delighted!

I first experienced NADA while attending a Stress Reduction workshop at our local Health Department. At the time I was an IV heroin user and was not great at expressing myself, dealing with grief and trauma and had spent a long time suppressing my feelings. I noticed a change in the way I felt after the first night I tried it. For a couple of hours there was peace and stillness somewhere within the chaos of my mind. This quiet feeling brought me back to the Health Department week after week and these few hours became the calm in the raging storm of my addiction. Eventually I was empowered by this treatment and with the encouragement of a local doctor I sought further help in treating my addiction. NADA was the beginning of what is now almost 5 years in Recovery. I am forever grateful to the wonderful people who introduced me to NADA and to the people who continue to provide this service to others in need.

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